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Tulips + Daffodils

Tulips + Daffodils

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Welcome the essence of spring into your home with our Tulip and Daffodils scented candle. This enchanting fragrance captures the delicate, fresh aroma of blooming tulips intertwined with the bright, cheerful scent of daffodils. Hand-poured with high-quality natural soy wax blend, our candle ensures a clean and even burn, filling your space with the light, floral notes reminiscent of a sun-drenched garden in full bloom. Perfect for uplifting your spirits and adding a touch of nature’s beauty to any room. Let the soothing bouquet of spring blossoms create a serene and inviting atmosphere, bringing the outdoors to any room!

Size Options:

6oz matte black tin with lid

8oz matte black glass jar with wooden lid

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