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Sea Salt + Ozone

Sea Salt + Ozone

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Introducing our Sea Salt + Ozone Scented Soy Candle, a perfect blend designed to transport you to the serene shores of a coastal haven. This candle encapsulates the invigorating essence of salty sea air mingled with the crisp, refreshing notes of ozone, reminiscent of a breezy oceanfront. Hand-poured with quality natural soy wax blend, this candle offers a clean, long-lasting burn that fills your space with the soothing aroma of marine freshness. The top notes of sea salt invigorate your senses, while the middle notes of ozone add a clean, airy quality that lifts your spirits. A subtle hint of driftwood rounds out the fragrance, grounding it with a warm, earthy finish.

Size Options:

6oz matte black tin with lid

8oz matte black glass jar with wooden lid



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